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Manufacturing Economic News

Consumer Price Index Increased in December

According to the report, the CPI increased 0.3 percent in December…

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Select Materials Based on Lessons – Not Fear

Letting students take control of the CNC machine for the first time…

Modern Machine Shop

Turn-Mill Machining Technology Improves Industrial Motor Performance

In some cases, an improvement to a machining process or the addition of…

Modern Machine Shop

Mold Manufacturing Automation Leaves No Part Behind

The worktable on Omega Plastics’ newest, most sophisticated machining center…

Modern Machine Shop

JIMTOF 2016 Report: Exhibitors Show a Strong Embrace of IIoT

The message from JIMTOF 2016, Japan’s premier machine tool show, was strikingly clear…

Equipment and Material Handling News from our Sponsors

Sodick Consumables Announces New, High-Quality “JQ” EDM Wire

Schaumburg, IL – EDM Manufacturer, Sodick, has announced a new line of EDM Wire Consumables…