March 16, 2017 4:05 pm

MaxiDrill 900 boosts cutting speed to unequalled levels

Ceratizit has released the MaxiDrill 900, a high-performance tooling system specializing in drilling into solid material. Arguably the best solid drilling tool available on the cutting tools market, the MaxiDrill 900 delivers high productivity and low cost, in addition to easy handling and simple inventory.



  • Broad product range. MaxiDrill 900 tools come in lengths from 3xD to 5xD with a diameter range of .625″ to 2.25″
  • Patented geometry. Patented SONT insert geometry is adapted to the requirements of a modern drilling process. The inclined position in the insert seat gives the customer an optimal drilling action. This ensures high process reliability and minimum drilling tolerances.
  • Low cost/high productivity. Four cutting edges per insert; peripheral and central cutting edges have the same geometry, size and grade for simpler handling, less inventory
  • High feeds in tough materials. High feeds even with lengths 5xD
  • Exceptional balance. Chipbreaker design and insert mounting position are precision balanced for smooth drilling, even with high cutting parameters
  • Extremely long tool life. Optimized for toughness and wear resistance
  • Easier to use. Same insert used in central and peripheral positions
  • More efficient production. High feed rate, more holes possible; optimal chip evacuation through asymmetric chip pocket design
  • Better machining stability. The radial force compensation prevents the drill axis from running off-center
  • Universal grade. Steel, stainless steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals and hard-to-machine materials
  • Optimized chipbreaker geometry. Adapted for higher cutting speed requirements
  • Special applications. Cross hole, stack drilling, drilling on uneven surfaces, chain drilling and more


The CTPP430 PVD grade for a wider range of applications is characterized by both toughness and wear resistance. It is suitable for a wide range of materials.

Thanks to its TiCN/Al2O3 coating the CVD high- performance grade CTCP420 features high-wear resistance together with high temperature resistance. This grade is optimally adapted for the machining of steel and cast iron materials at high cutting speeds.

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