Dorsey Metrology International Announces the Opening of their Online Webstore

February 15, 2017 1:06 pm

For the first time in Dorsey Metrology’s 60 years in business they are making their products available directly to their customers via their new webstore. Dorsey Metrology products have only been available through their chain of distributors or directly contacting Dorsey. The over 100 distributors that span throughout United States have been exclusively offering the American made dimensional instruments for the life span of the company.

For the convenience of their customers and potential customers they will be going live with an e-commerce store in February. “Some of the areas of the country we do not have distributor representation, we are hoping that this e-commerce option will fill the gaps between our distribution locations.” stated Devon Luty, President of Dorsey Metrology International. “We are committed to helping our customers solve their precision problems and this is another way we can help, by offering accessibility to have the measurement instrument they need.”

There is a reason Dorsey Metrology has been in business for over 60 years. They offer well-built quality measurement products that are built to withstand the harsh conditions of the shop floor and repeated use over time. The e-commerce site will showcase their series of bore gages used for internal diameter measurements and snap gages used for outside diameter measurements.

The site will offer convenient features such as a “Quick Shop” search. Dorsey customers familiar with their products will have the opportunity to quickly place an order with existing part numbers they are accustomed to using. In addition a feature to “Build Your Own Gage” will be available; customers can choose their own gages, indicators, and contacts creating a measurement tool to their exact needs. This feature will eliminate the “guess work” for shoppers as they are guided through the process with step by step instructions.

In the future months Dorsey will be adding more of their standard measurement devices to the webstore as well as replacement parts further solidifying their commitment to their customers to “solve their precision problems”. In addition as Dorsey creates new products to their line they will be offered in the online store as well. The site can be reached by visiting

Dorsey manufactures and distributes a broad based product line of dimensional measurement instruments. In addition Dorsey supplies calibration and repair services as well as custom designs to build solutions for customer specific applications. Dorsey is a leading global provider of precision gages with a network of distribution partners that enable Dorsey’s customers to receive the customer service they expect. Dorsey is a third generation family owned business located on Oakley Street in Poughkeepsie. To learn more about Dorsey Metrology International, visit

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