JobBOSS Announces Partnership with Titans of CNC

March 8, 2017 3:46 pm

Titan to implement JobBOSS in their CNC shop and feature JobBOSS shop management best practices in the Titan Academy

Minneapolis, MN – JobBOSS and Titans of CNC have partnered to bring the Titan CNC production facility and American Manufacturing to the next level. Titan has begun implementing the JobBOSS Shop Management system in their Rocklin, California CNC shop and begins filming JobBOSS content for the Titan of CNC: Academy in January 2017.

Titan Gilroy, owner of Titan Manufacturing, creator of the reality TV show “Titan,” and the associated educational platform, Titans of CNC: Academy, used JobBOSS several years ago before he founded Titan Manufacturing. With a rapidly growing aerospace focus, Titan Manufacturing needed an updated shop management systems to help ensure their aerospace customers were getting high quality parts. Based on his past experience Titan knew that JobBOSS was the answer.

Titan Gilroy states “I’m excited because I’ve partnered with the greatest software company in the world. JobBOSS helps me make precision parts every day. On my TV show and my educational platform, I’m going to speak about the absolute need to have the best software to manage your company, to manage your floor. Your quality can be exceptional, your machining can be dialed, but if your shop management is not dialed you will not be successful. I know that I am partnered with the best software for managing CNC shops.”

JobBOSS will also be featured within the learning modules offered in the Titans of CNC Academy. The site ( aims to be a free CAD/CAM and CNC manufacturing educational program, with thousands of projects, video tutorials and TV episodes available.

JobBOSS Marketing Director Mike Stadelman states “This partnership brings together two like-minded American brands that share a mission and a passion for empowering entrepreneurs to transform the future of manufacturing.”

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