Kurt SeraLock® Towers And WedgeLock™ and MoveLock Modules Provide High Density, Flexible Workholding

July 10, 2017 3:24 pm

Minneapolis, Minnesota – High density, high accuracy and flexibility to accommodate different part sizes or multiple parts are benefits of Kurt’s SeraLock Towers, and WedgeLock and MoveLock workholding modules.

“SeraLock Towers make it possible to easily machine a group of dissimilar workpieces or a high density of a single part all in the same setup. The system employs reusable clamping components that can be mixed and matched to hold the required part sizes. This workholding system of self-aligning modules allows creation of the equivalent of a custom fixture with the ability to be reconfigured for changing part sizes, basically it’s future proof”, stated Steve Kane,  Kurt Sales and Marketing Manager.

The SeraLock serrated mounting surfaces align and clamp accurately and quickly because of the interlocking serrations on the tower base and the clamping device. WedgeLock or MoveLock modules have quick, repeatable accuracy and have small strokes to minimize clamping time.

SeraLock Towers are available in four sided and two sided towers with a base that will mount to a horizontal machining center or an indexer for vertical machining center applications. An additional option for vertical machining centers is the SeraLock pallet which either mounts directly to machine table or a subplate.

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