August 4, 2017 8:51 am

Free – Saturday CNC Exposition

This free-to-the-public event will feature a day of CNC exploration. Meet the Tormach Experts, ask questions, and see live product demos. See the Tormach Brand Ambassadors, including John Saunders, The Hacksmith, Robert Cowan, and BattleBots Champ Ray Billings, as they show off what they do with their Tormach machinery, and also stick around for some exciting Tormach announcements!


  • Two day event – Day one will be dedicated to educating attendees on the basics of CNC and machining. This will be an busy day of hands-on learning with Tormach’s experts in CAM software, milling and lathe. Day two will be a showcase of everything that encompasses Tormach as a company, from interesting and entertaining customers and celebrity brand ambassadors to technical Q&As with the Tormach technical support and engineering teams.
    • Day 1 “Hands-On Training”
      • 3 paid training tracks à Mill, Lathe, Advanced Programming with SprutCAM
      • Reception to follow
    • Day 2 “Tormach Showcase”
      • Guest speakers including Tormach Brand Ambassadors John Saunders, Ray Billings, Robert Cowan and the Hacksmith
      • Technical presentations with Tormach machining experts
      • Discount tooling sale
      • Customer showcases
      • Expert Q&As

More info about the big event on Saturday is available here:

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