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    I bought my OD grinder because I wanted it. For this machine a 5hp (7.5hp) rpc be the ticket. An RPC unlike a VFD, can be additive. A 5hp RPC can start and run a 5hp motor, now you have a 10hp RPC running, so it could start and run a 10hp motor, now a 20 hp RPC. You get the idea, So the biggest motor is a 5hp, when thats running it will carry any of the others along with it.

    In use you start the spindle on an OD grinder first, on my machine the spindle has to be running for the workhead or coolant pump to run, so you need a 5hp rpc to begin. A VFD is only capable to run one motor, so the the cost of 4 units kills that idea.

    Cylindrical grinders are not a common machine to own, because the work is really limited to commercial items, and a couple guys that just want one.

    I say buy it, but clean out all oils, coolant and crud, inspect wiring, as those little mice can chew the heck out of a wiring harness. Parts will be an issue even for simple items like fuses, contactors etc.
    Not for those light of wallet, or ability to fix anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave G. View Post
    No significant other? No restraint? Get out of your basement and buy a boat/motorcycle/airplane.
    In retrospect I may have done myself a disservice with the title of this thread. I wasn't necessarily asking for people to give me their opinion on whether this machine was a financially sound investment. It is not. I thought that this forum would be the most likely source of useful information regarding this type of machine.

    That said, I believe that this machine would cost about the same as a new set of tires for the motorcycle (the power requirements may differ) In that sense it will be some cheap fun and another weapon in the basement.

    But I am planning an overseas holiday soon so that will get me out of the basement for a while

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