Sloan & Chace lathe parts on eBay, and a Dalton lathe
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    Default Sloan & Chace lathe parts on eBay, and a Dalton lathe

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    It is in Dearborn, MI. He is selling the S&C one part at a time, so you have to pick through all his lathe stuff to find the pieces.

    The S&C lathe is like this one on Tony Griffiths' website:
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    The Dalton is expensive ($1799.99 min. bid), but very complete.
    DALTON SIX TYPE B-4 METAL LATHE1920-30's vintage tool - eBay (item 380278363855 end time Oct-19-10 10:20:06 PDT)


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    No, the Dalton is VERY expensive. It's a nice historic, well built machine......but where's the countershaft cone pulley? For that kind of money I'd expect to at least get it running. I'm not being sarcastic......really.........but that's an awfully stiff price!

    Edit: As a comparison, there was a Dalton for sale on Craigslist in southern Oregon about two months ago for $200.00....I was tempted, but already have too many projects.

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    I met the seller last week and looked at this lathe. I thought it was way overpriced.

    BTW: the cone pulley is shown in the photos. It has the word "lathe" written on it.

    The guy was selling a Rhodes shaper and a Burke No. 4 horizontal mill as well. The pulleys were all labled to keep them with the right machine.

    A friend of his buys up stuff at estate sales. He gave the machines to him to re-sell.

    The seller is from Lituania and works as a handyman of sorts; has a garage full of tools. A little hard to understand at times but he seems okay. Machining is not his primary skill set but he has his own Atlas lathe to make small items when he needs them.

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    Default Dalton

    I will have to concur on the price of this Dalton. $200 is the going rate for a hodge podge of parts as this lathe is. The two piece end door was never installed on a Lot 4 B-4 lathes. This lathe is late teens production and this end door came out in 1921. It does have a taper attachment that is a rare item for sure. Most of the lathe looks a little tired and beat. The draw bar is not Dalton as is a number of other things. The large pulley is a Zimac Atlas item. These lathes were for the most part driven by overhead line shaft or a silent chain drive similar to the ones SB built.

    When you find a really grate condition Dalton you then realize just how good these little lathes were built. Most we see like this example are just plain used up. I have one that is probably the finest condition Dalton in existence and is really a very fine lathe. This lathe as pictured would have cost just under $500 in 1922 so they were not the cheapest lathes on the market by any means.

    This lathe up for sale is a B-4 model and these were built from 1913 to about 1921. Then the lathe got power longitudinal feed driven by a keyway in the lead screw and these are known as the Lot 5 lathes. The Lot 5 continued in production till the end of the company in 1929.
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    Default Sloan & Chance Lathe

    On Akron Canton Craigslist in Cuyahogafalls there is a Sloan & Chance lathe the phone # (330) 802-1558 Don't know the guy or the lathe just a heads up to any one interested. Thanks Richard


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