Haulers' Group Official SIGNUP thread . . .
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    Default Haulers' Group Official SIGNUP thread . . .

    To join the haulers' group, please send me a private message with the following info:

    o first name or nick-name (optional -- you can stick with your PM forum username if you want)

    o say you choose to be a hauler and your weight limit, OR that you can act as a transferrer, otherwise you can choose being a supporter (if you do not choose, you will be a supporter; this may be changed at any time)

    o your ZIP code (this is the only mandatory information and will locate you on our map without revealing your exact location)

    Alternately, if you post the above info in our "HELLO" thread & introduce yourself, I will also add you to the list & map. (Everyone please keep me honest if I mess up -- just drop me a private message if there is any error that needs to be corrected.)

    It is also OK to signup by posting your information in a reply to this thread, but as soon as you are "on the map", I will be deleting your post so that new folks will always be directed to the first page of this thread. (This was a problem with the old signup thread -- it got so long that no-one read the directions.)


    P.S.: Please subscribe to this sub-forum so that you will be up to date on what is going on. Click on "Forum Tools" to subscribe to this forum.
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