Need parts/info for a B+D valve refacer
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    Default Need parts/info for a B+D valve refacer

    I have a Black and Decker valve refacing tool I bought used a long time ago. The only info on the tool is '5/8" valve refacing tool' and 'serial # B1381.
    I'm figuring it's at least 50 years old.
    Basically all there. I'd like to find a smaller collet, the drive belts (there should be 2-both are missing), and a manual.
    I called Black and Decker, they can't help me without a model #.
    I can't find one. All I see is 5/8" Valve Refacing Tool.
    Any leads on parts, manuals, figuring out the model #, date of manufacture, etc?
    thanks muchly,

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    I have one also that is missing some parts. I would love to fix it and get it back into service again. Post some photos of yours. Maybe between the 2 of us we will make a half wit and be able to figure it out.


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    Default Coincidence, I just "re-belted and re-wheeled my B-D

    I have a B-D Model N-W with 5/8" collet.

    The replacement collets seem to be quite dear. I have made up several "reducers" for different applications. A collet "update" kit will make you want to set down when you see the price.

    The wheels came from an engine rebuild supply outfit. There is an e-bay seller offering belts and wheels. Google B-D valve grinder. You will find them.

    The belts (this machine has 3) were sourced from McMaster Carr. 3L-210s. at about $7 each. Your machine may be different.

    I don't grind many valves, though it's nice to know it can when needed.

    I do grind "glass" and have a diamond wheel for that application.

    The stem grinder feature is just the ticket for squaring the abused tips of pin punches ;-)

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    Default model #?

    I called B+D and they said they need a model number. Any ideas for the 5/8" valve refacer?

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    Could you post a picture? I have a 20s one that is labeled 5/8, it has flat belts and a jacobs chuck ,painted black.

    There are at least 2 different 40s-50s ones --usually painted red.

    then the 60s ones are a sort of gold color

    Lacey williams has some adapters for small stems
    Lacey M. Williams Equipment Co. - Phillipsburg, NJ -

    they are a little $$, more than I paid for 2 of my machines, the newest small valves I do on my oldest machine with the jacobs chuck

    I have a 60s parts machine --no collets

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    Armen & gents,

    I have a "B&D Use and Care Handbook for Valve Reconditioning Equipment" which I'm happy to share. It's just a small pamplet, 5x7, 15 pages, published in 1965, but it has some useful information.

    I scanned it as a PDF but I cannot figure out how to load that kind of file into my album or directly to this post. If you would like a copy just PM or email me at



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