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    I recently purchased a 2002 Sharp milling machine. I have put together a list of tooling and supplies that are needed, but am curious in regards to the lubricants recommended in the user manual.

    The following lubricants are listed for designated positions.

    1. Esso Febis K-53 =&gt; Head Stock Matching Quill Holes

    2. Gulf Way 52 =&gt; Bull Gear Bearing Sleeve

    3. Vactra #2, Shell Tonna 33 =&gt; Counter Shaft Gear, Worm Gear Cradle

    Note: (Lubrication of work table, saddle, knee, sliding surface and leadscrews may be effectuated by means of the hand crank pump)

    I have searched for the lubricants but could only find Vactra #2.

    So, my question is. . .Can I use Vactra #2 as the lubricant for the one shot lube AND all the other lubrication positions? If not, does anyone know where I can find the necessary lubricants, or an equivalent? Thanks for the help.

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    That's one of the bad things about foreign made machines. They don't cross the oils to what's available here.

    You've got a great machine. IMO, Sharp is one of the best BP clones out there.

    All of the lubes that you have listed are "Way lube". Febis K-53 Gulf way 52 aren't available in the startes. These all cross to Mobile Vactra #2, which is available in gallon jugs. If you want the genaric, it's ISO-68 way oil.



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