Pricing a Bridgeport mill?
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    Default Pricing a Bridgeport mill?

    I am thinking about selling my sweet heart. Its a Bridgeport mill 2J 1995. I do not know how to price it though. Is there a Blue book for machines?
    Here are the basic specs.
    2J Head
    48" table
    X & Y Servos
    X & Y readout Newall Sapphire
    Work Light
    worst spot is about .020" backlash in the X
    I believe there is less than 150 hours on it.
    Should I hire a machinist and have him price it?
    Should I have one of those used machine company sell it?
    I really want to keep it but times are tough and need the cash.

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    It depends on your area. Here in southeastern PA, I have seen them go for $1400 to $2500 at a local machinery auction, needing lots of work. Most of these require the variable pulley repair, along with handles etc. With the low hours on yours, it should be in top condition, needing no pulley work, ready to run. Some of the backlash can be tightened up with the split leadscrew nuts. Check ebay and craigslist for similar units in your area. You should be able to get more than $4500, which is where I would start an ebay auction. Shipping these can be somewhat tricky, so you might want to offer local pickup only.

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    Having someone sell it means they worry about what they get, not what you get.

    Most likely, they would offer less than half the final price, considering the cost of moving, advertising, answering the phone, etc.

    You need to watch craigslist, ebay, etc. and see what the rough valuation is.

    And perhaps make up some flyers and let the local shops know of it.

    The people who would value it the highest are those who would make money with it; i.e., your competition.

    There is a 'blue book' for machinery, but if you can't find mention of it here in P.M., over the life of P.M., that indicates the big guys won't reveal its existence, or it's not worth the cost of membership.

    I looked into it, once, when I knew its name. Expensive, and subscription only, I recall. You don't "buy a copy".

    And of course, you would resemble the millions of guys on vehicle enthusiast boards that refuse to pay for a CarFax.

    I just looked, there are two P.M. threads containing "Blue Book" in the title. At least one person admits to (once) having a subscription. I'm not going to snitch them out. You do the search and send the private message.

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    Baush, this "bluebook" you refer to is nothing more than current auction pricing. Nice bridgeports are commonly advertised for between 4 and 9 grand. Rougher ones less. Also depends on how long you want to wait to get the big bucks.

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    Thanks that is very helpful.

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    Don't forget, on ebay Advanced search, there is an option for 'completed auctions'. You have to sign in to see that option, but its a realistic pricing assessment of recent sales.


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    Default Don't Sell it're old!

    If you're old, so you won't be replacing it with another B'port some day, then sell it.

    But, if you're not,...DON'T SELL IT! A couple years back, that mill sounds like it would have quickly brought 8 to 9 k. Now, IMHO, you'll be lucky to get 5 or 6. When you get ready to replace it someday 'in better times', you won't get half the mill for twice the money. In all likelihood, you'll never have another happy knee mill moment, because you'll always be comparing your new POS with the ol' sweetie that got away.

    Sell something else, dogs, cats, tomatoes, get a second or third job - maybe pouring coffee at one of those Buckstar places, or coaching cheerleading - I hear those are up and coming industries...

    Hmm, looking back over my post, I better lay off the cough syrup, but, in all seriousness, try to keep her if you can.

    If you do sell it on that auction place, don't make it pick up only, that'll kill off the bidding. Offer to palletize and drop off at a local shipper - from that point on, shipping is the buyers risk, responsibility,'ll get a lot more bids that way, and there is still a good chance that winning bidder will come and pick it up, anyway.

    Good luck,

    Jess (still miss my 2HL).,


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