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    Default Esprit training software for the house

    I recently started moonlighting part time at a job shop that has purchased Esprit (I believe it's 2010) but hasn't gotten around to using it yet. Kind of a strange situation; Cadillac CAM software sitting idle while guys are on the floor hand-coding at the machines. I guess it's one of those deals where "Oh, we'll just limp through this one more job
    and sit down with the software when we're not so busy..."

    Anyway, I've been talking to the owner when we've been in there the last couple Saturdays; it seems he's happy with the work I've been turning out on his manual machines, and I've gotten to write and run some simple programs on the CNC mill as well. Long and short, it's looking like he's going to want to hire me full time, and he REALLY wants to get going programming with Esprit but can't seem to find the time to get acquainted with it.

    So I've been wondering whether there exists any good training software I can purchase that will allow me to study the system at home, where I will not have a seat of Esprit installed. I've checked out a company called CAM Wizard that sells DVD tutorials, but as it's Sunday they're not in the office and I can't ask them if their products are stand-alone or if they can only be used in conjunction with the actual software.

    Can anyone point me in a direction or recommend a product? I'd like to start by learning 2.5 axis milling and basic turning, although later I will want to learn to utilize the modules for 5 axis mill/turning and wire EDM (that's a whole new ballgame to me, and I'll need to learn the physical ins and outs of the process before I worry about programming).

    Thanks fellas,


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    The Cam Wizzard tutorials are awesome, but they are just videos. I do highly recomment them though.

    The best option for you would be to install Esprit on a computer of your own, and borrow the companys usb dongle to use the license at home. I expect the boss wouldn't mind considering it would be to his advantage. (don't lose it though )

    If you just get the beginning milling tutorials, you could sit down in front of the computer at work for a couple of lunch breaks and be punching out code in no time. For simple 2.5D milling, the drawing and solid modelling in Esprit are quite capable.

    I wouldn't really bother trying to use it unless you either have the Cam Wizzard tutorials, or someone from Esprit giving you some training.

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    I love that software! And I have run lot's of software. I don't have it now, but i wish i did.
    Just call me jealous:-).

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    John, the cam wizard software is very good. We've been using Esprit turning & miling for about 6 years. Last year we bought are first seat of EDM and I had purchased the training DVD from cam wizard. I have to say the DVD was very good and would recomend them to any new user. I don't know if you'll be able to do as hypertune suggested with the dongle and installing it at home. That depends on what kind of licsense your boss had purchased. I have something you might be intersted in but I don't want to post it here. If you would send me a private message with your email address, we can discuss it.



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