Touch Screen computers for Cad/Cam? anyone tried it?
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    Default Touch Screen computers for Cad/Cam? anyone tried it?

    I had some time to waste yesterday evening so I went to one of the stores here that sells computers. Its almost all laptops now, only 4 regular desktops. But there was also this newish type of all-in-one computer with touch screen. I think it seemed pretty cool, specs appeared quite powerful at least compared to my current desktop. You can still put a mouse on it, regular keyboard, but the accuracy of the touch screen seems quite interesting. So I'm wondering if there's much use for such a computer to do Cad/Cam? apparently you can also use a type of pen to sketch/write on it. Seemed to me like it could have potential.

    Any thoughts? anyone here tried it?

    Here's the one I saw, there was also a hp and some other brand but the acer was the nicest of what they had there. Products

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    using a touch screen tablet PC on your lap or on a desk is one thing but holding your hand up to a vertical screen gets tiring very quickly. just because it's cheap and easy to add a digitizer to any LCD doesn't mean they should or that it'll be useful.

    a wacom pad will accomplish the same and can actually be used for more than a minute at a time.

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    I agree with ZAGNUT here. I looked at Dells version earlier today and realized how uncomfortable it was to keep my arm in the air pointing around. Kinda felt like I was at a colorfull cnc control. I like the fact they dont take up much space but I didnt see an option for adding multiple monitors.

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    Default Cad?

    I regard it as CAD drawing? I am an mining maching engineer in Zoneding Machine, I always has to draw the production line configuration for our customers so I want to take methods to make my work easier.

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    I had a young engineer in the shop not long ago with a touch screen laptop showing me a preliminary design of some parts he designed in inventor,,It was pretty cool for dragging and zooming the assembly around the screen,,but I would say its mostly for show/presentations and wouldn`t be very practical for everyday use,,

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    I've been building systems using touch screens for about 25 years. We use them on all of the machines, gauges, and our vending units. Here they work very well, for CAD work they suck.

    IMO a mouse or better yet a very large tablet customized for your use is much faster. When you need to pick the intersection on a crowded drawing the higher resolution really counts.


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