Bar puller, Isreali made, is it new?
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    Default Bar puller, Isreali made, is it new?

    I ran across this bar puller, video here: YouTube - CNC Lathe Smart Bar Puller by Micron E.M.E Ltd

    $300 on ebay. Anyone used one or seen one up close?


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    One of the places i worked tried a lot of diffrent bar pullers. Problem was this was in steel, some touching on 2" diamiter. Problem was generaly down to grip. Takes a fair bite to pull a heavy bar reliably. Any slip and you start lossing parts realy quick. Now smaller sizes and alu like the video theres a lot of options. Especialy if the bar is being turned - jaw marks arn't a issue.

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    Smile Micron CNC Lathe Smart Bar Puller

    We are the manufacture of the new CNC lathe Smart Bar Puller. Micron is a one stop shop for mechanical design, manufacturing and assembly.
    We started the design of the smart puller 2 years ago since we had to manufacture turning parts for an inspection systems we designed in quantities of 500-1000 parts each. We realized that standing all day long and opening machine door, pulling the material and closing the door is waist of time so we looked around for bar pullers.
    We did not like the coolant actuator bar pullers because of reliability issues and since they are very long which is problematic for small CNC Lathe. We found that existing mechanical bar puller are not user friendly. Diameter adjustment in not continuous and needs tools for adjustment or you need to replace collets for each diameter. In Our business set up time and easy to use is critical so we decided to design and manufacture our own Bar Puller. We are working with our Smart bar Puller already 2 years with great success. We found that this tool opened for us new market of manufacturing parts for $1 each, something that we could not make if an employee needs to stand all day and operates the machine.
    After 2 years of working with the smart Puller we decided to manufacture and sell it as Of the shelf product.
    As The owner of Micron E.M.E Ltd I can definitely say that the Smart Puller return it's cost in just few working days. It is that easy to see how much labor time it save you if instead of standing near the machine all day you replace the stock bar once an hour.
    I will be happy to answer each question and provide sample G-code file for programming the smart Puller.

    Arik Bracha-general manager
    Micron E.M.E. Ltd

    YouTube - CNC Lathe Smart Bar Puller by Micron E.M.E Ltd

    Availabe at eBay:
    Micron CNC Lathe Smart Bar Puller, fits all CNC lathes - eBay (item 300499846706 end time Jan-01-11 01:41:05 PST)

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    You might want to have them plated or black oxided. Just my 2¢.

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    Looks like a solid design. The royal one I bought a few months back is a piece of garbage in my opinion. The arms are already bent and the flex in the bars provides inaccurate bar pulling.


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