Fagor 8055 T programing ease
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    I was told that the 8055T was very easy to program in interactive mode. Pick a can cycle and it promts for all the g codes nessasary. Is anybody doing this? Maybe the TC conversational a better way to go. I have very little mastercam experience and not very good at it. I would rather program at the control if it is feasible. I do believe the G code format might give you more control over your programs? Maybe not, but would like to do 5 axis programing.
    Maybe the dealer is telling me this, because it is what is on his machine for sale

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    Hi dandjp,
    I have used fagor and it is easy but with mastercam you are able to converse with a lot of types of machines.you will pay a lot more for a machine with fagor type control and if you want more machines then learn mastercam better and put the extra cost into the machine not the control.

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    The 8055T is fairly easy to program at the control. But without the conversational option, you still pretty much need to know how to program G-code manually. All it really does is prompt you to fill in the blanks. IOW, you select G76 for example, it prompts you for the X Z, P, Q, etc values. Not really much more help than the manual. The conversational option on the Fagor's is pretty decent for a budget control.

    You always have more control writing a G-code program vs. a conversational generated one.

    I haven't seen that control on anything near five axes, so I'm having a hard time figuring out what type of machine it's mounted to and what exactly you are trying to accomplish. I usually see Fagor's on lower cost gang tool lathes, three axes tops.

    In any case Mastercam can easily handle the programming and it would be worth your while to learn it in the long run.

    Also if I were you I would just learn how to program it manually first. The Fagor allows you to specify angles and such, so you can get by without having to do a lot of trig. Once you get through the learning curve you'll be better able to configure you Mastercam post to your liking.

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    Worked on a Bridge style home made mill with a Fagor control.Nice control.We programmed it with NCL.


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