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    Default Fanuc OT 086 P/S alarm. What am I doing wrong?

    We just installed a lathe with a OT control. I've never used a fanuc control before in my life, but we're not getting training until late next week so I've been playing around with it myself.

    Problem is I'm getting the above alarm whenever i try to do petty much anything with a program. Loading a program from the library, running a program in auto mode etc. Doesn't seem to matter which mode I'm in and there is no serial cable even hooked up to the machine. Am I missing something or is there a problem with the control?

    Machine all seems to work manually and I can zero return ok and mdi seems to work properly.

    Thanks, Gregor

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    Its waiting for a signal on the DTR(or DSR... I cant remember ) pin of the RS232 connector, because thats what it had in ye olde days when a fanuc disk drive was attatched.

    Do a web search for Fanuc RS232 cables and you should come up with the correct type of cable to use, or a diagram showing howto wire one up if you fancy building one yourself.


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    i wonder if that little fella thinks its in a DNC mode of operation...

    our fanucs only seem to DR OFF (when we are accessing them) if that circuit is wired on the serial ports.


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