Heidenhain TNC 151b & G codes
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    andrewmawson is online now Cast Iron
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    I understood that the Heidenhain TNC 151 controllers obeyed Heidenhain's own codes and not normal G code, BUT I've seen an oblique reference in an online operators guide to being able to enter normal G codes, and there being a clip on overlay held on by magnets to customise the controls keyboard (presumably just the legends).

    Anyone any experience of this - is it only certain firmware levels that do it - spill the beans !!

    The manual in question is at:

    Heidenhain Manuals

    Open the TNC 151B User manual and search for Programing in ISO codes

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    John Stevenson is offline Stainless
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    Yes Andrew there is a small keyapd that's just a series of overlay buttons that press the ones underneath.
    Only difference is they have ISO codes on the top set.

    You select ISO codes by a series of key presses,
    See page 259 of the book.

    John S.

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    Mark McGrath is offline Diamond
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    Andrew,from the 151 on there is a clip on overlay which allows you to programme in G codes and I know a man in your neck of the woods who has one for a 151 as fitted to a Beavermill.I`m not sure if it will fit the Interact.
    Before you spend money you should try the Heidenhain control as is.We have a 150 on a Beavermill which my son who had never before programmed anything mastered quite easily.

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    I am familiar with the TNC151 as they were used on the Bridgeport Interact machines. The G and M codes were a little different from what Bridgeport used on the BOSS machines and what Fanuc uses. Also you have to go to the MOD key, they cursor up/down to get to the page which gives you the choice to switch between conversational and G & M codes. If my memory serves me correctly, the control will reboot and convert whatever was in memory to the current mode you have chosen.

    George W.


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