I just recently purchased My first CNC turning center, a 1984 Ikegai AX25Z. Upon arrival, the bubble memory went out. I replaced that and tracked down a copy of the NC and PC parameters from another guy that runs an ikegai. I am trying to use one of the canned programs, and am having no luck. When I enter G71-G74 it throws Me back an invalid Gcode error. I am assuming this is a parameter editing problem, the service guy here in town also agreed there was some sort of parameter issue. Anyone have an idea which parameter I need to edit or maybe an old copy of the ladder for this machine? I can even be walked through it via phone or email, Im not really picky. I have a Nova Sidera(siemens 810t) teach and replay machine, and a couple of wiedemanns(fanuc op-b), so I know a little, but I am new to the whole turning and Gcode thing. I am now completely stumped...any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

United Metal Spinning Co