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Thread: Osp 5020?

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    Donny Baker is offline Plastic
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    Default Osp 5020?

    We've got a okuma v4020 with a OSP 5020 control, and I was wondering if there's a way to change the cutter comp from radius to diameter? Also is it normal when jogging the machine for it to keep moving until you hit the stop button? Everything else we have stops when you release the jog button.

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    I've run Okumas that did this. Seems odd, but it comes in handy to do some quick manual milling, like vise jaws or something. Keeps you from having to lean on the button for a time. Have to not turn your back, though, if there's something to run in to! Good thing is, Okuma's don't overtravel when hitting limits... they just stop.


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