Reaming in a lathe
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Thread: Reaming in a lathe

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    Default Reaming in a lathe

    Having an issue with my holes coming out too large in the lathe when I try to ream them. I am trying to make a 3/32" hole in a piece of 1045 that has an OD of 3/8". What size hole would you guys drill for a .1562 reamer and then what feeds and speeds would you run as a starting point? I am going to try some small bars as well but this SHOULD work, so I at least want to know that I can make it work, whether it is the best option or not. I have checked the holder and it is on center. Thanks. For what it's worth I am seeing a hole that is about .0005-.0006" large.

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    drill size .140"-ish ...reamers dont always cut their size marked on the box. stone the flutes or clear the chips more. might need a new reamer thats smaller.
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    In addition it's common to find that drills drill oversize and that reamers mounted in tailstocks and the work aren't perfectly concentric, leading to bell mouthed holes. Longer reamer shanks, floating holders, and the like can help.

    Sharp reamer? Cutting fluid?
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    +1 for a floating holder, and confirm the reamer size right at the chamfer.
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