Machining of Tungsten CARBIDE
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    Default Machining of Tungsten CARBIDE


    Can anyone share the experience of EDMing of Tungsten carbide by using Copper as electrode material?
    Everyone knows tungsten copper will be ideal choice for Carbide , But it is expensive and not easy to machine.

    We have picked copper as electrode material. It worn outs a lot (at least 50% wear). Ours is Charmilles FO35P, it doesn't have technology for Copper- Carbide material pair, so we have used Tungsten copper - Carbide pair.

    If anyone have experience ,please share with us. Thank you

    Saro Tech

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    copper wears out too much when sparking tungsten carbide thats why there isnt a technology i assume. As you know copper tungsten is the best option, more wear resistance. I also tried Sparking Tungsten carbide with copper using the copper tungsten technology, it wears the copper like theres no tomorrow (trial).

    Erodex sell a material which contains a mixture of graphite and copper. i did some research on the net this stuff may be worth trying.

    Copper Graphite
    Copper graphite is graphite manufactured with a controlled
    amount of interconnected porosity which is then
    infiltrated with Copper by capillary action in a furnace. The
    resulting material has increased electrical conductivity and
    mechanical strength. Copper graphite offers the combined
    benefits of the ease of fabrication of graphite, and the burn
    stability and “safety” of Copper. Copper graphite has shown
    particular advantage when applied to aerospace applications
    such as Titanium, Inconel, and other high temperature
    aerospace alloys. Copper graphite is also applied to the
    EDMing of carbide.
    Copper graphite electrodes are not nearly as fragile as
    graphite electrodes. In fact, Copper graphite sheets are
    available in thickness down to .003”. It should be noted,
    however, that Copper graphite suffers from increased corner
    wear when compared to the same non-impregnated grade.
    This is particularly noteworthy for tapping electrodes, which
    will exhibit significantly increased thread crest wear
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    I honestly don't believe there is a good way to burn carbide. I'm running into same issues with trying to use poco 3 graphite. Copper is an electrode material used for achieving good finish. Graphite is superior in both temperature resistivity and thermal breakdown. I would think pure graphite would be better than a copper embedded material. If you can't afford the tungsten copper maybe try Angstrofine?

    EDM Supplies, Inc. is your source for Wire and Sinker EDM Supplies

    "Poco's EDM-AF5 is the premier graphite electrode material available on the market today with an average particle size of less that one micron. This particle structure gives, EDM-AF5 superior strength, provides for fine surface finish (7µinRa), gives excellent metal removal rate, and high resistance to wear."

    As far as i know its best grade of graphite you can buy and that should still be cheaper than copper.

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    oops posted image under wrong thread and cant delete my post.
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