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Thread: Bore Welders

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    Default Bore Welders

    Anyone have a bore welder. Need ideas which one BOA, Boretec, ect.

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    I have never owned one but have watched it done by the cat house, borewelder salesmen and others.

    Never have been satisfied with the results.

    Mostley cold lap too soft and too slow.

    I use 7018/11018 1/8 '' stickrod and recieve predictable results that last and wear well.

    Most of the time bore welding is done in the field under less than ideal conditions.

    At least when I crank my sa250 I know what is going to happen.

    Almost any rig welder can weld a bore for you and get it right the first time

    Only + seems to be that a novice can put some shit in a bore that they expect you to cut out makeing it easier to sell the customer on a proper repair the next time.

    Have you priced those cheep made toys?


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