Miller Shopmaster 300 for TIG
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    Default Miller Shopmaster 300 for TIG

    I am looking to set up a Tig unit on a budget. A friend has a Miller Shopmaster 300 that was bought about 12 years ago, (Salvage dealer, slight damage to sheet metal). It has never been hooked up, and has been stored in a dry climate controlled place. He will take 300 for the unit, and I figure I can buy a TIG torch, Argon bottle and everything, and still be under a thousand dollars.. Would this Miller be a good unit to run Tig? Steel is all I would be welding,... TIA

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    I've had a shopmaster for years. I use it for MIG, TIG and Stick. Paired with a high freq box it makes a killer welding power source for aluminum as well. It's probably one of my favorite power supplies.

    $300 is a steal! I'll take it if you don't want it.


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    And there's the problem. You still need a HF box to do Alum. with the Shopmaster. There are Tig machines w/HF out there already setup to go used for $1000.00.

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    I'd just go scratch start TIG and be happy.

    Basic starter TIG rig, add more/different cups, gas lens collets, etc as you learn:

    An argon regulator:

    The ESAB Prest-O-Lite Flowmeter CGA580-Argon/CO2 hold up OK under student use and are around 65-75 bucks.

    , argon hose (I'd buy by the foot and get the argon fittings that use screw clamps instead of crimp-ons), and (Airgas/Radnor since I buy from them, but you can get the same stuff by using their website to find these then buying equivalent elsewhere):

    RAD64005478 Tig Torch Assy, 25 ft
    RAD64005406 Power Block (connects TIG torch to argon hose, put a plastic soda bottle with the bottom cut off over the TIG cable end for a see-through cover)
    RAD64001960 1/8" Thoriated tungsten
    RAD64005413 1/8" TIG collet
    RAD64005415 1/8" collet body
    RAD64005422 #8 TIG cup

    I'd buy (not lease) an argon bottle from whoever I was having fill it, and buy my TIG rig parts there unless they are a rip-off. Make friends with your local welding supply, they can help you greatly. If they aren't nice, buy online. I like Indiana Oxygen for online sales.

    You'll have around 250-300 bucks in the rig and some consumables, which ain't bad. Couple bills for the cylinder, but you need that with any TIG welder.

    If for some reason you turn down that welder deal, let me know!

    Pics of similar set up:
    For The Can I TIG With My Welder People. - WeldingWeb™ - Welding forum for pros and enthusiasts

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    Quote Originally Posted by monckywrench View Post
    I'd just go scratch start TIG and be happy.
    If he wants to weld aluminum he will need the HF.

    Oh, when you buy your torch spring for the braided rubber hoses. The beat the cheap vinyl hoses hands down. Much more flexible, like a wet noodle, and they are more resistant to burnout than vinyl hoses. Vinyl melts.


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