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    I'm hoping someone here can help me contact the Ajax Jack Company. A friend of mine has an air operated Ajax bumper Jack, which cost several thousand dollars new, and it's missing its air valve. I would really like to locate the Company and see if I can purchase that valve for him.

    If I cannot contact the Ajax Jack Company, perhaps someone can tell me where to get a similar valve. It is a lever operated charge/discharge type of valve, just like used on the old in floor type car lifts, only it uses eighth inch pipe ports instead of the 3/4" that the floor lifts use. My first thought was to try McMaster-Carr, but I had no success there. What other places could I try to find a generic valve such as the one I need?


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    Jose Guest


    Jangle up GRAINGER:

    4 way 3 position, all ports blocked in neutral. Lever push/pull, spring centered, 1/4 NPT ports. ARO mfg.

    Grainger P/N - 2G539

    Cat No. 392 Page 3023



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