Cataract machine tools
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    I am a newbie to this message board but I look forward to chatting with others with the same interests as mine. Not many machinists where I'm from (Western Kentucky) but that didn't stop me. Now to my question. Does anyone have any information about Cataract machine tools? Specifically, small vertical and horizontal toolmaker's milling machines. The only information I can seem to find is on the "Lathes Archive" web page. Are they rare or easy to find, what is their value, etc.? Any help would be appreciated.

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    D. Thomas Guest


    I assume the mills are hard to find, dunno for sure since I've never looked for one. I've got a Cataract brochure that is older than what's on Tony's Lathes.UK site which shows a little horizontal mill with cone drive. But to actually use, I'd much prefer a little newer one like those featured on Tony's site. Value probably high if advertised direct to Cataract entheusiasts or on eBay, but very low if found at auction or the "widow selling her husbands junk in the basement" fantasy


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