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    I just purchased a mill that came with what I think is called a Cherrying attachment. It is an attachment simular to a broaching head that fastens on the back of the mill head. It has a powered spindle and a crank wheel. You put a ball endmill in the spindle and rotate the handle to make the endmill travel a circular path up and down.

    I'm looking for information on this type of attachment, any help would be appreciated. This is a Bridgeport brand and looks really old but in perfect condition. I was told by the guy I bought it from that it was bought for a particular job and never used again.

    I have a Lagun mill forsale in the Classified section also, please look. A picture is on my sebsite at

    Thanks, Steven

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    If you can find a Bridgeport manual from 1970's, my one has 3 pages on operation of the 'T-Head", also parts drawing and parts list.
    Here is description from a BP catalogue;

    "Cherrying Attachment.....for producing circular shapes (concave or convex) and provides a very economic means of doing work which would otherwise require very expensive machine tools or many hours of costly and difficult hand work.
    The spindle, which carries the die sinking cutter, is caused to move through a circular path by means of the handwheel."

    Can be used to produce conical forms, both convex and concave.

    Just to put in to perspective, this catalogue is from the 1960's, it also features this Bridgeport, a "Moog Hydra-point three-axis numerically controlled milling machine", with pneumatic tape reader.

    Here is a link with parts drawing of the 'T-Head', but the 1970's BP manual has a better drawing than this.

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    Peter S
    You're correct on the age of the Moog Hydra-point. Mine still has the orginal paint. That 4 hour warmup prevented mine from being worn much "ex-government machine". That is also the reason I updated to electronic controller.

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    I think there is a copy of the manual for the cherrying head in the dropbox. I tried to check, but it seems not to be working right now. -- mm


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