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    John Stevenson is offline Stainless
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    Apr 2001
    Nottingham, England


    Test run last night of the Stevo Eee-lec-tronik hobber.
    Managed to get the stepper driven head mounted on the horizontal mill
    table in between customers calling and ringing up and generally being
    a pain. Finished tidying the wiring for the driver box and connected
    this to the head and the arbor driven encoder.
    Found some scrap brass blanks and a decent 12 DP gear hob so I turned
    three blanks up all the same. Fitted the blanks to the stepper head
    and set the table over by 3 degrees 20 minutes which is the lead
    angle of the hob.
    Set the depth, wound clear and started this up, amazing to see it
    start cutting and all the while you are expecting this to run all the
    teeth off.
    First one off had wavy teeth because I'd forgotten to tighten the
    blank up.
    I won't mention what happend to the second one After all this is
    ONLY a test run, isn't it ?
    Turned all three blanks down to get rid of the mistakes and restarted
    using fewer teeth No problems this time.
    I've put some pics on my web space, 10 in all
    Just keep changing the last number from 1 thru to 10

    Pics 1 and 2 are the head being built up and 3 is the driver box
    rated at 67 volts and 4 amps.
    Pic 4 is an overall view of the setup on the Victoria mill.
    Pic 5 is a close up of a 12DP 21 tooth gear being cut.
    Pic 6 is a close up of the finished driver box with plugs fitted but
    before painting.
    Pic 7 is similar to pic 4.
    Pic 8 is a nice one. It shows three gears I cut tonight, all the same
    size OD but they have 20, 21 and 22 teeth on them and they all mesh
    together perfectly, only the 21T is the correct standard. These are
    12 DP cut in brass.
    Pic 9 is a close up of the finish obtained.
    Pic 10 is a 20DP nylon gear of 52 teeth. Ironically I cut this for a
    friend with a Micron hobber who's missing a 52 tooth gear and he
    needs a 52 tooth to make one !!

    John S.

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    TNB is offline Stainless
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    Aug 2002


    Congrats John !

    [This message has been edited by T. NGUYEN BINH (edited 12-06-2003).]

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    billr is offline Senior Member
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    Sep 2002
    palestine, texas, usa


    John S.,

    cool deal you have done there.

    i am working on trying to understand gears. i need to cut some to go with dividing head so i can [hopefully] cut spirals.

    can you point me to any superior knowledge on this?

    i will be cutting them on a cincinnati toolmaster mill [vertical] and am about to invest in a set of gear cutters.

    i too wish you lived next door so i could consult you at will. you would probably run me off pretty soon because it seems like the further i go the more i find i need to learn.

    thanks in advance. have a good day.

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    TheMetalDoctor is offline Titanium
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    Oct 2001
    San Jose, Ca. USA "That light at the end of the tunnel just might be......"



    Could not get your pics to come up. When I pick the URL all I get is "bad request". .. dang.


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    John Stevenson is offline Stainless
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    Apr 2001
    Nottingham, England


    It's chopped the last bit off the end. Try typing in 20indexer1.jpg at the end of the page.


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