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    Does anyone in the Boston area know what happened to RPM Tool? Reginald P. Moser, a former tool and die guy, and his family ran a wonderful, quirky, used tool and machine store on Brookline St. in Cambridge; now it's gone and I was wondering if they are closed, or just moved and/or renamed.

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    According to a post in r.c.m. last Jan:

    The folks that owned RPM tool in Cambridge are now operating a much smaller operation in Dracut, Ma (30 or so miles NW of Boston, next to Lowell). I go by there regularly, and occasionally buy something. Not much in the way of "surplus stuff" mostly used tools like drills, skil saws, hand tools, etc. Some machinist stuff, micrometers etc, but not a lot.
    Cambridge, esp. the part near MIT, is a different world than 20 years ago. You'd barely recognize it.

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    Waltham isn't that far from Cambridge.

    If you don't know about "The Tool Shed", you might pay it a visit. It's at:

    471 Main Street in Waltham

    They have abbreviated hours, best to call them at (781) 647-7970 to find out when they are open.

    I never know what I'll find there, but there are usually scads of slightly used drill bits, taps, end mills and hand tools to pick through, and occassionally some larger equipment.

    If you've got the patience you can build up a pretty good collection for a song if you make enough trips there.



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