Air Compressor – blown head gasket
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    Default Air Compressor – blown head gasket

    I’ve had the same 2hp 2 piston Craftsman air compressor for the last 20 years and it finally blew out the head gasket (I can feel the air rushing out).

    Even thou Sears offered to replace it I would rather repair it, (don’t trust the newer models) and was wondering if it is just as simple as changing a head gasket or is there any thing else I should be looking out for.

    Any advice would be appreciated

    BTW: here is the Craftsman Parts page

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    A few things that may affect your decision.
    Compressor tanks are ususally getting pretty old at 20 years.
    they rust out from the inside.
    if the compressor pump sounds good otherwise i would change the gaskets and maybe the check valves too.
    I would be curious what type compressor Sears offered?
    Was it an oil filled or an oil free .
    big difference there in price and noise level.

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    The head gasket should be just clean, inspect, check for flat (not warped), and replace head and torque.
    Often the reason a compressor head gasket will fail is from excessive heat. The excessive heat is usually from vavle or reeds not sealing. Can also be from dirty air cleaner or tank check valve not working properly.
    So you need to look past the gasket for the reason it failed.


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