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Thread: Anyone here replace/repair a Bernzomatic self-igniting torch ignitor?

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    Default Anyone here replace/repair a Bernzomatic self-igniting torch ignitor?

    I've got a Bernzomatic TS8000 torch which I use fairly frequently in the shop and on the ski hill (our snowmachines and hydrants have a few components which like to ice up, and portable torches are the bees knees for de-icing tips). In the last couple months the ignitor has been on the way out to the point where it hardly *ever* actually ignites by itself. Since carrying around a flint starter seems to defeat the purpose of having a self-igniting torch I'd like to just replace the ignitor, but there doesn't seem to be much info out there as to how to do this or what part or ignitor style it takes to replace the old one.

    FYI if you were considering purchasing a bernzomatic torch they won't sell individual parts to you and sending your old one in for repair is less economical than buying a brand new one. I'm fairly certain Bernzomatic doesn't even make them - If I had to guess someone like APC International, Inc does. Just wondering if anyone else has attempted this before I tear into mine. Worse comes to worse I'll just buy a new one.

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    Not sure where you would buy the replacement part from. It was most likely custom made for the application, and sold only to Bernzomatic.

    You can get functionally similar devices from "electronic" cigarette lighters or gas BBQ igniters. It is a piezoelectric ceramic "crystal" that is banged with a spring loaded hammer driven by a mechanism similar to an automatic center punch. Generates a 10kV or so output pulse. Finding one that will physically fit into the torch is the trick.

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    I have a HF torch with the igniter button.
    When it stops sparking it is from the ceramic insluator having moisture or dirt on it letting the spark bypass the gap.
    If you can see/get to the insluator try cleaning it or blow off with compressed air.
    Also propane is harder to light in cold weather.

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    I have had the most problems with the self lighting and the manual lighting kind. AAMOF I have a drawer full of non working propane/mapp torches that will not work in one way or the other. They one that quit on me just last night ceased to suck air so it just yellow flames. I guess it's clogged somewhere but it's not like I buried it in a hole. WTF, how complicated are they?

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    I have found that blowing across the tip, gunslinger style, allows my torch to light. I'm thinking it's a lack of oxygen within the burner tip.

    Why nobody has taken on Bernzomatic and made a reliable torch, I don't know, but they have churned out those crappy torches for a few decades, it seems.

    Please remove the torch from the area of your face before attempting to light it.
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    My memory is a little foggy, because it has been 5-6 years ago, but I have had the Bernzomatic and the Goss. Both had stopped working.

    I called both companies about repair or warranty. Repair wasnít cost effective. I donít remember all the details, but I ended up buying one new from each company. Goss sold me their upgraded model for half price. Bernzomatic was not that cooperative.

    While waiting for the two new ones to arrive I repaired the Goss and the Bernzomatic went into the trash. In the Goss, the wire from the igniter had become frayed and was grounding out against the frame and I fixed that. I donít recall much about the Bernzomatic and why it went into the trash.

    When the two new torches arrived, I compared them and kept the one I liked, and gave the Bernzomatic to my son. The Goss seems to be better made.

    BTW, I did find out why they donít sell parts. Liability, they don't trust you.


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