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Thread: Bullard VTL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian@VersaMil View Post
    Is Jon the guy with the "abrasive" personality?
    Don't you mean "one of the guys with the abrasive personality"?

    Jon was the operator of that machine. Gray hair, gotee, Harley shirts. Wait a minute, that's about 2/3s of the guys in the shop.

    I know you make some big stuff, I just really wanted to know what you were telling your wife. You know, something I might be able to use at a later date.

    I just had a scarey though, what if our wives got on here and figured out what really goes on. We'd all be in deep S#%t.

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    Default Vtl

    Anyone has a old vertical boring mill for sale i need 72" and above chuck size and height under the rail should be 72". if you know some one like to sale, please pass on my email address rakesh@gemcous.com or my phone # 201-218-6930

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian@VersaMil View Post
    Tyrone- "WHAT kind of school has a 42 inch Vertical Turret lathe" A school that also has it's own foundry, pattern making classes, it's own RADIO station. The machine shop HAD a 32 inch swing Axleson, a 20 inch swing Axleson, a 12 foot Planer and a 14 X42 inch Surface grinder with a 20 inch wheel on top of the 42 inch VTL. The SCHOOL is Benson High School in Portland Oregon. Probably the premier industrial arts school in the state of Oregon. At least it USED to be.

    JR- VersaMil doesn't JUST make VersaMils. I wanted a VTL to turn a very similar casting to what you turn in Iowa. I make FIFTY taper right angle heads, that are 38 inches long that needs to have the OD turned for 20 inches. These either need to swing on the above mentioned 32 inch Axleson OR be turned on the VTL. From the flange to the centerline, they're 14 inches. Either machine would work, but as far as my wife is concerned, I NEEDED the VTL to do the job. Is Jon the guy with the "abrasive" personality? When you want it Retrofitted, maybe you should have me come out and make the TEE slots a size bigger. I have MUCH larger mills than the VersaMil. You can't "clean up " tee slots if there's NOTHING left to cleanup!
    Very impressive, I can't see any kid getting near machines like that today. Health and Safety would have a field day.
    Regards Tyrone.

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    JR- AHHH JON, sure send HIM out. You refreshed my memory of WHICH goateed, Harley shirted worker he was. For a UNION worker, he seemed pretty decent. I'd trade a day of Jon in my shop, for a day of me in your shop. But for me a day, usually is 12 to 14 hours! Of course IF I came equipped with a large portable mill, I'd have to get a little extra for the machine. You don't have to lie to your wife- you've got the best equipped toy box known to man-at work.

    Some may bemoan schools getting rid of their shops, but getting these big machines out of the school made perfect sense. The machine shop in this school is going in a different direction. Forty years ago, maybe these tools were okay in a high school. Today, it's an invitation to an accident. They STLL have some pretty good sized lathes, and mills however.

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    Howdy, all. Fascinating read. My current employer runs the pants off three machines, a Bullard 36, a Bullard DynAuTape 56 (NC removed) VTL, and a Webster & Bennett 36". It's my first exposure to them, and they sure are good at what they do.

    Since you guys seem to know a bit about these machines, is anyone familiar with the drum controllers used on the DynAuTape for traverse and feed rate control? I have some questions on them, and our documentation does not really match our machine.

    I'm also working on replacement of Vickers D1L solenoid valves on this machine, and would like to talk to anyone who has fought that battle.


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