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Thread: carbide scrap price

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    Default carbide scrap price

    I just turned in some scrap and got $9 per pound. I was expecting $6 or $7. Who has the best price?
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    about a year ago I had a contact tell me to start collecting scrap carbide in quantity because the price was going to shoot up big time and he had buyers for container loads. Too bad I ignored the advice.

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    Carbide Bob mentioned $10/lb recently(like within the last week or two) here on PM. Think he said he had 6 tons, so if that's the price for a large quantity then your $9 is likely a top price for small quantities.

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    Here's where I got the highest price a couple years ago.

    FS: Scrap carbide
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    See here: We recycle carbide scrap, tungsten scrap recycling, grinding sludge recycling. | Carbide Recycling - loacted in Walled Lake Mi.

    These are good honest people, but note that this is a legit scrap dealer. Cash in more than $500.00 worth and if the check does not go to a business you will get a personal 1099 and have to pay taxes.

    You should get $9.00 to $10.00 right now even if its just 10-20 lbs. Heck, I'll pay ya $8.50 for clean if you cover shipping.

    Lots of under the table local dealers out there if you want to play this game. They all pull some percentage off the top to "wash" your money.
    Up to you if you want to try to scam the IRS. My volumes are too high to even think about trying this.

    Wherever you go shipping can kill ya. Keep this in mind

    To get the best price your scrap should be "clean". Wash the parts in a bucket of soapy water, no mixed in steel or screws. If it's dirty real dealers will deduct some weight.

    Quoted prices are for carbide, not packages, unpackage any tools before shipping or the dealer will deduct a tare weight (and they always err in their favor).

    Carbide with braze attached yields a lower price tag, currently 9.00 per pound.

    If you are sitting on very large weights sorted by grade you can negotiate slightly better prices directly with some of the major carbide suppliers but this will vary highly depending on what they need on any given day.

    We are at record highs in the market but I'm gonna wait as next year looks very interesting and I'm not sitting on that much.
    I've had as much as 40 tons in the back room when I played more in this game.
    I've also been burned seeing the price drop from $7.80 to $3.20 in two months. You place your bets and you take your chances, but there is not that kind of volatility right now and nobody the size of the China "big three" to come in and flood the market.

    As Curtis said in another thread prepare for some good size increases in carbide prices next year. If you are doing budget forecasting think 10-25%.


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    Thumbs up Carbide Scrap Pricing


    My name is Grant Jo and I represent one of the largest buyers of Carbide/Tool Steels/Alloys here in the Midwest.

    I would love an opportunity to quote on your scrap.

    Please consider.

    Grant D. Jo | Sr. Trader
    Universal Scrap Metals, Inc.
    312.666.0011 | O
    312.666.8515 | F
    773.680.8081 | M

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    We are in Tacoma, Washington. We are a consolidator. We buy small amounts, put them together and shipped to one of the big recyclers.

    Carbide is now around $300-$350 for a coffee can. We recommend shipping USPS flat rate boxes. They work well if you tape them up really well.

    The prices of gold and silver are dropping and it is expected that the prices of carbide will start dropping.

    Many of these metals are at absurdly high prices because of speculators. When the stock market wasn't moving much the speculators got into the metal markets. Now the stock market is moving nicely, speculators are getting into it instead of metals and we are seeing the price of metals drop.

    This is what has happened in January. It is expected to continue in February but nobody's making any promises.

    Tom Walz
    Carbide Processors

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    A local shop had an ad on Craigslist the week before Christmas. Offering $10.00 a pound. I took a box by on the 23rd, price had gone up to $10.25.. Easy Transaction.. Should have sold all I had, but I like keeping some stuff around.. Hedge your bets... Never know what the future holds.


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