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    Default Dial Indicator Repair Book


    Many months back, I bought a book called "Repair of Mechanical Dial Indicators and Calipers", by Michael Yamamoto. As I understand it, he was a machine tool sales guy, then a distributor, and his customers kept asking him where to get their dial indicators repaired. To help his customers, he started fixing the things himself, and got quite expert at it. At one point, there was some relationship with Starrett. He's nominally retired from machine distribution, and he's taken some time to summarize a lot of his thoughts and experience in this book.

    I was goofing around trying to fix a couple Starrett dial indicators, and I found the book both generally and specifically useful. Generally, because it covers tools, lubricants, bezels, and such. Specific, because it covers several popular models of Starrett tools, such as models 196, 120 dial caliper, 711 last word test indicator, 25-441 dial indicator (very similar to many dial other starrett indicators, and indeed, to other brands of indicators too), and, as a benefit, how to replace the vials (not the vial assembly, the actual vial!) in 98 series levels. The book contains the Starrett exploded drawings that show the parts and mechanisms pretty well.

    I have no financial or personal interest (except that I think Mike's a nice guy), but I do recommend the book if you have an instrument shop, or wish to repair that vintage 25-411. As has been mentioned here many times, if you want someone else to fix your indicators (or micrometer) or calibrate them, the folks at Long Island Indicator (www.longislandindicator.com) have a good rep. At least, they've been helpful to me.

    Contact Mike directly at Innoventions, PO Box 9194, Albuquerque, NM 87119 or by email to [email protected]ol.com. I think the book is about 24.95 plus postage, but it may have changed.

    Its also available from a guy on ebay, and from bookmart (the following site contains a more thorough review):

    I also understand that Lindsay Technical Books (ph. 815/935-5353) out of IL handles the book, as does OKDPM, Inc. (ph. 580/774-0449) out of OK.; and One Horse Outfit (ph 714/974-0612) in Orange, CA.

    Hope this is useful to some of the folks out there.




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