Engine Hoist selection for the shop
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Thread: Engine Hoist selection for the shop

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    Default Engine Hoist selection for the shop

    I am thinking of buying an off-the-shelf engine hoist for help with moving large work pieces in and out of machines. I note a plethora of $200-class stuff available in many places including Home Depot. They boast 2-ton capacity, but I would be happy with half that. (The picture attached is a Sunex in the $500 class.)

    Any suggestions for what is worth buying and what is junk?

    (And, yes, why don't I build one.... blah.... blah... blah... That is not the question.)
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    We use a 3 ton hoist here at work that works fantastic. I've used one of those harbor freight ones with the fold up wheels and I hate it, doesn't steer well and the wheels suck. My main complaint with the fold up wheels is there isn't an adjustment for how far out you want them to be, you are stuck with them fully extended which makes it a pain to get under items.

    We use one that looks just like this and have had it for ~8 years. It gets used for moving small lathes (SB heavy 10 and 14.5") concrete beams and railroad ties, hydraulic cylinders, bearing blocks, spreader beams, and anything else that gets in the way.

    Amazon.com: Premium Steel 3 Ton 6000 LB Heavy Duty Engine Hoist Cherry Picker Shop Crane: Everything Else
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    I have a HF engine hoist and yes I have the wheel problem. The problem is the middle wheels are smaller than the outer ones, causing the small casters to all turn in the small direction. The reason for the smaller casters is to stabilize the hoist when the legs are let down, i.e, no weight on the small wheels.

    The folding part is a requirement for me as I have limited storage for such items.

    The location of the legs is an irritation, but I don't see a practical solution if you want to use an engine hoist.

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    I had a HF 2 ton without the folding legs. Worked great, for the very few things I used it for. I think I paid something like $175 for it. As far as the money I would go with the HF one with rigid legs. They work great for little money. I rarely used it. Sold it to a friend once I got my Forklift.

    I have a 1 ton Clark, that will go almost anywhere, and is much better for getting at the lathe or mill. Next purchase is a Carry Deck Crane with about a 5-10 ton capacity. Will work a lot better for me than building a bridge crane, plus I can use it in the yard.

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    Closed due to discussion of home shop grade Chinese equipment.


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