inside micrometer solid rod vs tubular
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    Default inside micrometer solid rod vs tubular

    I am shopping for a new inside micrometer. I am looking for something in the 1.5 to 12 inch range.

    What are the pro and con of the tubular mics vs solid rod mic? I generally work with pipe, tubing, and small engines.

    Thanks in advance?


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    Its going to be a personal thing for you. Myself I prefer the rod mics, I think my rod set goes up to 32 or 36 inches, and I have no complaints. I just can't get the tube mikes to grow on me until you passed 3-4 feet.

    I dont know if the rods are easier to "feel" with or it they're just a little less bulky, but I never use the tubes unless I have no choice. The tubes are supposed to be more rigid for larger diameter bores, which you are not working with. So if I were in your shoes I would not waste the money on a set of tube mics.

    Only thing I will add is do NOT get the newer mitutoyo rod mics, last set I bought no longer used the collets to tighten up on the threads, but rather a "hydraulic lock" which means the inside of the mic basically has tar or sticky grease on the inside to gum things up to stiffen the thimble. I traded them for the Moore and Wright little tiny .5 to 2 inch set and bought the bigger 2-32 inch set from starret and it has served me well for years.

    I also find the tube mics are cumbersom to assemble, the ones I've used you have to constantly screw and unscrew various tubes to get to a length. With the rods, you turn one screw and drop in the rod with a spacing collar if you need it and tighten the screw again.

    Just one mans opinion.

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    Starrett tubular is the way to go. Keep 'em clean and they actually repeat.

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    I have 2 sets of rods and 1 set of tubes I like the tubes but I use them both just personal pref man.


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