Which mill style is right for me?
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    Default Which mill style is right for me?

    Ok, I know this is almost an impossible question to answer, but I would like some feedback anyway.

    I have always had an interest in machining. Recently, I purchased a 1943 Logan Model 200 lathe, and almost have it completely restored. Now, I find myself wanting to purchase a mill to compliment it.

    I am trying to decide between a new, benchtop mill, such as an RF-45, or similar machine. Or, a used Bridgeport style vertical mill. It looks like I could get a decent Bridgeport for the cost of a new RF-45. However I don't think I will ever need a machine that big. I can't see myself making anything bigger than red brick or two. I just don't want to lose out on accuracy by buying a benchtop unit. Are the knee mills so much better in this regard, or is their main advantage in the size of the work that can be cut?

    I really like the Precision Mathews machines, and I hear that the owner stands behind his products. How would this machine compare to the real Rong Fu? I also like the Syil X4 CNC Mill. Any machine that I purchase should accept a future CNC conversion relatively easily.

    That brings up another question: Should I buy a manual mill that can be upgraded to CNC, or save up and get a full CNC package?

    Any comments?

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    Sorry to lock your first post but...

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