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    I disassembled and scrapped a 75lb dry transformer recently, in part as an experiment. Open frame so it was easy access.

    I cut through the windings using a vertical bandsaw and got the windings off with a crowbar in about 5 minutes, that part was easy. About 30 lbs copper, the rest steel.

    I brought it, among other things to Seattle Iron & Metals, which was a ripoff and a mistake. Instead of $1.80/lb for bare copper wire, they paid $.70 because it was "contaminated with fiberglass" even though it was just traces, surely not even 1% of the weight. The net $20 was barely worth the time.

    As for the silicon steel, they regard "steel transformer laminations" as hazardous waste and won't take them. Whether this is just blanket BS as a way to avoid having to look whether a transformer has or had PCBs, no idea, but it was rather inconvenient.

    They were paying $.15/lb for motors, which was good. I don't understand the laminations/hazmat business esp. because motors and dry transformers are pretty much made of the same stuff, right? Anyway, $.15 or $.20/lb for the whole transformer would have been just fine.

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    Yeah sorry Forrest. I didn't mean to sound like i was scolding. I also had a few beers in me last night when i posted.

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    In my area scrap yards are paying 25 cents a pound for transformers.

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