OT: Faucet washers flat or bevel
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    Default OT: Faucet washers flat or bevel

    Off Topic: In my home bathtub faucet one washer was flat the other was a coned/bevel washer. So how do I know what to replace it with? Does it matter. is one type a better seal or longer lasting. since the faucet was made around 1947 I figure it was designed for flat washers. do not think they had beveled that early.
    Bil lD.
    PS I do have a seat reamer and will use it if needed.

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    As far as I know you want a flat washer for a flat seat (or one that's been reamed with a raised ridge rather rare but very nice if you have the tool). A bevel washer for a beveled seat. A beveled washer will work well for a while on a flat seat but it will get chewed up quickly.


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