Storm N-K6 Boring Bar Capabilities/Potential Usefulness
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    Default Storm N-K6 Boring Bar Capabilities/Potential Usefulness

    Recently, in responding to a query that I raised regarding machines suitable for drilling/boring ‘largish’ holes in another post (see: Machine Suitable For Making Large (ish) and Deep (ish) Holes in Steel Plate & Heavy W ) many forum members suggested that a horizontal boring mill and a boring bar were more appropriate tools for the drilling/boring tasks that I need to accomplish.

    So; I’ve found a Storm N-K6 for sale and I’ve been unable to determine the capabilities of this machine by searching on the internet.

    Might any forum members have experience using one of these units and be able to comment on their uses and limitations?

    Many thanks for all who take the time to share their knowledge and insight.

    Best regards,


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    According to my 1964 Buck & Hickman catalouge (long gone big brit tool supplier)

    Shown as ;- Storm - Vulcan Inc

    Cat shows;-

    Model NK6 (no dash)

    Spec verbatim

    Bores 3.5'' - 7.7''

    Travel 18"

    Feeds 1/2'' - 1'' / minute ( six selected speeds)

    Motor 1/2HP

    Sorry, can't tell you any more.

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    The NK6 is primarily designed to be used as an engine rebuilding boring bar. The hardest work it would normally do is boring out a high nickel cast iron block to fit 1/8" wall repair sleeves : .110" doc. rough cut, .015" finish cut. With care it may work in steel. High tensile and especially flame cut stuff worries me.
    As Limy Sami stated 3.5" capacity, I've got that and 3.437" marked down in my files, meaning you will need a through hole that large to start passing the bar through. Most boring bars have the rotating cutter head built in, so you can't use any other tooling. Never used an NK6 but Rottler bars are the only ones I know of that do have a removeable cutter head that can be replaced with a stub bar for small bore work.
    A York line boring machine may be more in line with what you need.

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    This machine is useless except for boring engine cylinders. How are you going to get the 3.5" hole in your work? You cannot put a drill in the storm. The storm needs a 3.5" hole thru to be used.

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    I know some Van Norman & Storm Vulcan automotive boring bars have been used as drive units for "in the field" line boring setups. Most might say they run too fast for the bore diameters likely encountered doing this type work and won't take the heavier cuts desired but they will do in a pinch. The bigger ones with multi-speed gear boxes might be slowed down enough to do a better job but they get too big and heavy to manhandle. None are designed with the thrust needed to push big drill bits even if one were to rig up an adapter head to take them. Aside from some heavier cuts when installing an occasional repair sleeve, most cuts would be in the .020" to .060" diameter range for oversize pistons.


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