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    Very interesting thread for me. I have a Boyar Schultz 6x12 that is pretty new to me. With the little use I give it I did notice what appeared to be "sticking" on the downfeed. Last week I pulled the covers off the vertical assembly and found the oiler tubes were missing the ways. I readjusted them so the oil runs down the vertical ways properly.

    While I was at it, I removed the table and checked the oiling there, all looked good although not much flow. I cleaned the ways and reoiled with ISO 68 way oil.
    The automatic oiler had SAE 30 non detergent motor oil per the previous owner.

    WELL..... the table now cranks much harder! The only thing changed was me wiping the ways with ISO68 way oil manually. Apparently the 30wt has much less friction.

    I have cranked it back and forth many many times since (not running so the auto oiler is off) and it is not getting any easier.

    Guess I will consider the options. I like the idea of a blend of ISO68 way oil and light spindle oil.

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    What are the little oilers that go in the wells under the table?

    my little surface grinder is missing these bits. Anyone have a good pickure or drawing of some?

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    Default Oilers

    The oilers on my machine look like yo-yos with a long axle between the ends. I've attached a picture of them below cropped out of a larger photo of the disassembled pieces) They are held up against the ways by strap steel springs (they look like this \_/ , only up-side down) and the axle rests in a depression on the flat portion on top. If you look closely at the lower oiler in the photo, you will see a spring attached to it with the legs of the spring pointing upward. Sorry but I don't have a photo of the springs, alone.

    You can see one installed in its well in the second photo attached to the first posting in this thread.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails oilers2.jpg  

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    here are some pics & quick sketchs from when this question was asked before. These are for a Brown & Sharpe #2

    BTW, they could probably be made out of brass, phenolic, or plastic, with a steel axle


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    Default way oil

    I have an old DoAll that I have been using straight ATF in for years. Glides as smooth as silk. It actually washes the grit from the ways. When I first got it it was sluggish from the old way oil. Give it a try, you might find it works better on old ways.

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    I like to use ISO 32 hydralic oil as it gives easy movement of the table and still gives good lube qualities. Straight 30 wt would be the highest viscosity I would use. You don't want a lot of drag on the table when you are grinding and when you pump a shot of oil to the ways the thick oil will lift the table untill you make a few passes to rub the oil out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SND View Post
    Newer formula is the Vacuoline 1409. was old vactra2.

    I used Shell Tonna68 where I used to work but the Vacuoline appears to stick better.
    Vacuoline & Vactra are not the same thing. They are both by Mobil, but Vacuoline is a combination hydraulic & way lube oil. Vactra is a way lube oil only.

    Try Fuchs Lubricants Renolin WL 68 or Renolin WL 32 (lighter viscosities) should work fine.

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    I bought a Dunbar roller table bearing kit for my 1929 Brown & Sharpe No. 2 surface grinder after I re-scraped it in 1979. Cranking the table is indeed boring, but it is also effortless, so I think it was money well spent. It is easier to hand crank the table than to set up the power feeds, so I have not used power for years. I see Dunbar kits are still available, so I assume they have many happy customers.


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    The manual(got it today!) for my Harig Super 612 says to use "150 to 225 SUS viscosity way lube" in abscense of Harig oil. Mobil DTE oils fall into this category but I haven't seen any way lube that does. In DTE, that is about 10w.


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    I used a divining rod and found some chain saw bar oil under the PVC airlines in my shop. My buddy told me that it was the same thing as way oil and he worked in the automotive department at Wally world last week, so he should know.

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