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Thread: 9mm 1911?

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnl View Post
    Springfield made a run of 1911s in 9 X 23.
    +1 for 9x23! After owning a Star Super in 9mm Largo, and having a demented lust for a 1911 in .38 Super, I'd happily settle for the 9x23, which is basically a Largo +P.

    Back when I had the Star there was no commercial Largo brass to be had, so I made a form tool for the lathe, turned the rims off .38 Special cases, and cut the extractor grooves. They were a bit thin around the head, but I never had one blow out. Now I'd just use 9x23 brass, which is a bit thicker around the head than real Largo brass.

    9x23/Largo brass is more expensive than 9x19, but there's a lot more bang there...

    For something offbeat, 20-odd years ago the .38-45 Clerke was the gun magazine darling for a brief time. You can sometimes come across Clerke conversion bits for peanuts.

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    From what I remember the 38/45 was a way to get a 1911 to work reliably with .38 wadcutter loads for competitions requiring two calibres. So you could use essentially the same gun, only changing barrel and spring (and perhaps bushing), so you got the same trigger pull and same sight picture.

    I never got to play with one, but as Dave says, 20 years ago they were the latest new thing for the gun mags to fill those troublesome spaces between the adverts with

    I gather the cases were little sods to form, but the idea of a necked down case feeding into a funnel shaped chamber seemed to work, and allow .38 wadcutters to feed reliably.

    as for the 9mm's why oh why, didn't Remmington use 9mm para head size for the .222? It would have saved so much effort making the longer 9mm cases.

    Again , about 20 years ago, there were adverts for .30 Mauser / Tokarev cases formed from .223 brass, which presumably developed an interesting swelling ahead of the web.

    Some people have written interesting things about how tough the Tokarev is.


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    Quote Originally Posted by armen View Post
    I'm toying with the idea of building a 1911 style gun in 9mm. Seems the frame/slides are out there. Saw an article on one (Nighthawk) that used a smaller/slimmer frame than the standard .45 ACP ones. Any experiences? Any issues with the differences between the 9mm and 45 in terms of the mechanicals besides the obvious differences in barrel and magazine?
    Not asking for anyone's permission, just feedback.
    I had my hands on a Llama in 9mm one time. It was a 1911 style but was about 3/4 size. Not the chopped and bobbed full size frame. The frame was smaller all the way around. If I remember correctly it had a 4 inch barrel. I thought... I will have to get one later ya, like I ever saw one again.

    I read an article several years back. Apparently Colt made 2 scaled down 1911's in 9mm and had them shown around to various governments to see if they would be interested. None were and Colt never made any more.

    I personally think it would be a great idea. I have shot the Stars and they are a nice sized gun but I like the Colt design better.

    Best of luck and post when you get them done.


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