Installing an NECG banded front sight?
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    Default Installing an NECG banded front sight?

    Hello all. I've been lurking for a while and this is my first post. I'm building a Winchester Mod 70 (stainless barrel)that's going to have a New England Custom Gunworks (NECG) banded front sight like this:NECG Masterpiece Banded Front Ramp using Interchangeable Front Sight .630" Inside Diameter .421" Height Steel in the White - MidwayUSA

    I've fit it to the barrel using 5/8" cylinder flex hones from MSC and I'm trying to decide whether I should silver solder it or possibly bond it with a toughened epoxy or retaining compound. NECG says they prefer solder but bonding it with modern adhesives can be done too. What do you guys think?

    Looking at the specs, it seems retaining compounds or an epoxy should do the job quite well. I've had several conversations with the techs at Devcon/ITW and they seem to think their Permex #62050 high temp retaining compound or one of their standard Loctite retaining compounds(#609 or #638) would be perfect for this application. I've also considered using one of Devcon's toughened epoxys, but I think they might be spread to thin to properly adhere to the barrel.

    I have very limited experience with silver solder. If I decide to silver solder, do I need a larger Oxy/Acetalene rig or could I do this with a small propane hand torch? Any tricks with the stainless barrel?

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    I wouldn't use silver solder. Use Brownells High Force 44 solder I believe it's called. If you use welders chalk or marker around the sight, the solder won't stick to it and make easier cleanup. I used Black Max Loctite. You better be fast with it.

    This is a banded sight that I made and I used Black Max.

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    I agree with the Loctite guys. 609 is incredibly strong in a close fit like you have and takes 400° + to soften, IIRC. Plus, it makes the cleanest possible job since it can be assembled after bluing. Silver brazing always risks scaling the bore unless you are very careful to mask properly. And the high temp. destroys any heat treatment in the sight metal leaving it soft and ding prone.



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