Winchester 1897 Problem
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    Question Winchester 1897 Problem

    Hello All

    I have a winchester 97 thats giving me problems lately. I got it as a project gun and the only thing that I haven been able to get it to do is eject the fired shells. I have replace the following parts on the bolt; extractor on both sides the extractor plunger, plunger spring and ejector spring. When I tried the action with dummy shells it would only extract them and not eject them and unfortunately it succeed in breaking the ejector spring after a few cycles. Any suggestion to help fix this problem?



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    I have a 1904 and a 1939 model 1897.
    The 1904 was 1.5 shotguns with enough parts to make one.
    I got it for really cheap at Lynnwood guns.
    I got the AGI video on the subject.
    All of the other AGI videos I have seen don't help me, but that video is just amazing. Is is like KUHNHAUSEN's books on double action Colts. It is so good, factory help must have been involved.
    American Gunsmithing Institute (AGI) Technical Manual & Armorer's

    My father was given the 1939 made gun in 1959 by his brother in law, the captain of the C.S. Holmes, a very often photographed 4 masted schooner that was conscripted and sunk in WWII. There were at least 4 shotguns I know of, that were in the ship's hold.
    The story I got was that the shotgun was bought for the Seattle dock strike. But the dock strikes were in 1919 and 1934. Maybe they bought the shotgun after the strike.
    I have hunted with that shotgun since 1965.

    Anyway, I watch that AGI video, and then I work on the 97.


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