Scotchman 314 inworker for sale
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    Default Scotchman 314 inworker for sale

    Greetings all;

    I have a Scotchman 314 Ironworker for sale. If you are not familiar with this model, it is the one commonly referred to as the center punch model. These are the older style machines.

    I will try to get some pictures up tomorrow.

    Here's the specs: Model 314, 30 ton punch and 14" shear capacity. 3 phase, 3 HP. 208 volt.

    Equipped with:
    Angle Shear
    14" shear bar
    Punch station
    6" press brake set up with 4 way bottom die

    3 extra angle shear knives, look to have been resharpened (possibly one top knife and two bottom knives?) This is a slug type angle shear, which can give a very clean cut.
    24 round punches, showing various amounts of wear
    20 round bottom dies, 2 or so are offset, remainder are standards
    Punches are easily touched up on a lathe, surface grinder works wonders on the dies.

    The machine is not new. If you want perfect, please look elsewhere. Yes, we can ship motor freight to your commercial dock, residential will add about $75.00 or more to the freight cost.

    Priced at $1850.00, about 1/2 of what folks ask for them on Ebay with less options.

    NO PM's. Eamil me directly.

    Craigdonges @ Take out the spaces!

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    Thanks for all the intrest folks and of course thanks PM!!

    Craigdonges @
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