I listed some of these items before but soon after there was a total sale pending and I had to stop any sales I had going. Well the sale fell through and I now have complete authority to sell these items with no further chance of sale cancellation. Here are a few items, as we have so many items that I need to sell a few first to clear a "path".

Sunnen "red" CH-100 linehone with 5 mandrels and boring bar set up.
Sunnen/ tobin arp camline boring machine I think its a #21000
Sunnen rod aligner almost new.
Peterson TCM-25 seat machine
Kwik way valve facer
5HP pedestal mount grinder W/ stone and wire wheels
Lincoln (older) TIG welder with spool gun set up
small brick lined oven Approx 16x16x24 heating area
Sioux Head working station #1650 with pilots and stones
Head pressure test station (older model???) W/torque plates

LOTS more to be listed soon....

I have no idea where to start on prices. I know that we are motivated to sell these items but we are not looking to take it in the shorts. We realize the economy is soft and it is a buyers market. However we are not looking to get low balled, We are looking to sell these items for a FAIR CURRENT market value. We do not have to move this equipment anytime soon so time is not important to us. If you need the equpment to sit and wait for shipping we can do that as well. We have pictures and will send them to anyone interested.

Like I said we have many other items, so if you need something let me know and I will check to see if we have it. This is an everything goes sale so we will be selling lots of tooling and the likes.

Troy 503-381-1057