Miller Spot Welder

Brand New Production Oriented Machine With Water Cooling & Pneumatic Clamping


This Miller welder is a production oriented machine designed to be used on large steel or stainless steel assemblies which require the spot welder be able to move to the desired weld spot. This welder is best hung from a tool balancer and positioned on the work piece by the operator. The unit features water cooling and pneumatically operated tongs with up to 400 lbs. of tong pressure. Fully adjustable current, speed and tong pressure.

Technical Details:

Model: PSW-2020 ATT
Voltage: 220
Amperage: 90
Work Capacity: 1/4" (Combined Thickness Uncoated Mild Steel Using 6" Tongs)
Rated Output: 20 KVA @ 40% Duty
Rated Output Amps: 12,500 - 6" Tongs 10,500 - 12" Tongs 9,000 - 18" Tongs
Open Circuit Voltage: 3.55 Volts
Weight: 212 lbs.
MSRP: $3,600

Included In Auction:

* Welder Control Box
* Portable Spot Welder
* Hoses & Cables
* Pneumatic Air Filter & Regulator Combination Unit
* Spot Welding Manual & Machine Instruction Manual

Not Included In Auction:

* Tongs - Welding tongs are selected based upon your application and are available directly from Miller in 90 degree elbow and 45 degree models in 6", 12" and 18" lengths.
* External Water Cooler


* Shipping costs and all shippng arrangements are the responsibility of the buyer.
* Seller will crate and drop off welder at a Los Angeles freight terminal for $50.
* Local pickups are welcome.

Additional photos or information may be had by emailing seller at spearcodist at yahoo dot com.
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