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    Quote Originally Posted by gmatov View Post

    I don't really care about this, BUT...

    "At the height of the Danish Mohammed incident people that couldn't even read protested by burning just about every flag they could get their hands on."

    Listening to talk radio, tonight, I heard the same about the "apology" for burning the Koran. "Those ragheads didn't apologize for burning our FLAG!!!"

    First, it was "ragheads" in Muslim towns who were burning them, and it was military troops, government forces, who burned the Koran. That it was supposedly a "mistake", because they were burning "trash", why were the Koran IN the "trash"?

    More importantly, the USSC has ruled that it it is protected under the Constitution for a US citizen to burn our own flag. Why, if we can burn it, is it such a desecration for THEM to burn it? I don't think it would be legal, in the Military, to shoot one of them for it, just as any cop in he USA would be tried for knocking in the head of any redneck or YUPPIE who did it.

    As I said, it doesn't bother me.

    As to whether US mfgs. traded with our enemies in every war we have ever had, of course they have. Totally documented. Our Revolutionary War had British supporters hampering the "rebels". Benedict Arnold come to mind?

    You surely don't think for a minute that ragheads (as you call them) organized these demonstrations by themselves? It's all as spontaneous as demonstrations of gratitude for North Korea's beloved leaders

    People in those types of demonstrations are "useful idiots".

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