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    Quote Originally Posted by digger doug View Post
    Live reporting....he's still in line.
    Not my line he isn't. He is in the same line as the other prat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scottl View Post
    ....Likewise, a "basement filled with gold, potatoes and booze" is only worthwhile if you can defend it against predators ...In a barter economy things like butane lighters, cheap LED flashlights, and numerous other small items such as wet wipes and lens cleaners in packets, facial tissues in packets, and other inexpensive pocket sized items would be the small change of a non-cash economy.
    If we're positing a barter economy, aren't we starting with the disappearance of the financial/money system and all that it connects?

    Gone would be: large manufacturing, large electrical grids, Wall Street, almost all the petroleum industry, airlines and the interstate system, which would last a while without maintenance, but not that long. But all these things would exist on a small scale.

    And.... gold is pretty useless, and disposable pocket items would disappear quickly from the landscape.

    Food is pretty useful, though. And humans being what they are, booze, cannabis, opium and coca would be important. Petroleum would be a luxury (now that most of the easily extracted deposits are gone) local power generation would flourish (esp hydropower) slavery would make a comeback and law enforcement would be concentrated at the local level.

    Marauding gangs of predators? At a distinct disadvantage against an armed, organized citizenry with a lot to lose and better knowledge of local geography and resources. And the predators have to eat. The locals control the food supply.

    Makes for interesting speculation...

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