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    It wouldn't be a surprise to see CCCP stamped on the plans for the missiles or nukes.
    incrementally less obsolete soviet union designs would serve Putin's purposes well.

    now as far as machine tools well no reason NK couldn't produce their own iron part of it
    the boys in SK do it fairly well but remember even they are using controllers not of their own design
    for the most part
    lot of fanuc.
    so the controller would be interesting to know what and where they come from in NK.
    both France and Germany have provided nuke tech to places like Iran for the right price.
    then again a homegrown PC based controller is also possible.
    with vfds and such coming most likely from China

    and one should also remember the US made both missiles and nukes before we had cnc machines

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    I stepped away from this thread and came back a few days later, thrilled to see this turn into a geo-political-historical bitch-fest... :rolleyes: Please guys, not in this thread...

    The manufacturing technology part of their nuclear program does intrigue me. And that's a very good point - the raw materials may be more of a challenge than the actual tech. I'm not sure exactly what metals are required in a nuclear bomb, but I would imagine the nuclear Uranium/Plutonium would have come from Russia, China, and eastern Europe/central Asian countries.

    Regarding machinery though, I would imagine that 5-axis, and precision-grinding would be a challenge. Well, maybe not the grinding - I'm sure it's not too hard to find even older, nicer manual grinding equipment...

    It reminds me of the Toshiba-Russia 5-axis, and Mitutoyo-Iran CMM scandals.

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